Monday, September 15, 2008

a little update for u guys

ok so i got my shop all set up over at busyscrappin, i am so excited for this! i havent yet had a chance to upload any of my kits to the store for purchase yet( i only have dial up at my house so i need to wait til i get to somewhere with a faster connection) and i got the swatch for the trick or treat blog train, this will be my first ever blog train so i am super excited for that too! also i am in the process of creating a new logo/blog header as i have changed my design name to make it shorter and i will be posting a ct call soon so stay tuned for the announcement with all the details! i am going to be designing under the name digidesigns by amberbaz, on the busyscrappin store i am labeled under designs by amber so check me out in a few days when i get everything ready!i am going to still leave the we all have to start somewhere on my blog because it is sorta my little catch phrase i freebie for u guys today as i have nothing uploaded but tomorrow i will try to add a little something something for u guys!God bless.



the link to my section of the store over at busyscrappin( which is currently empty but soon will have goodies in it)
the link to the store homepage. this is where u can see all the products from all the other awesome designers as well as go to the forum and the gallery

oh and i just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with those being affected by the serious weather issues going on right now!

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