Sunday, September 14, 2008

I GOT INTO A SHOP!!!!!!!!!

hey all,
i am so excited to inform u all that i got accepted into busyscrappin yay yay yay! i found out last night and i am still trying to get all the details and figure out what i need to do to get my part in the store set up and what not but i am just so excited! once i get it all ready im sure i will post a special little bonus for u guys as a thank you for making designing so much fun for me. busyscrappin is where robyn( robyn's chic scraps, who i ct for) sells her stuff so i cant wait to get started over there!
the kjoi studios contest just got back up and running this weekend and u can still go and download all the kits for free as well as vote for your faves. here is the blog where kara is hosting the contest downloads since the store crashed( go to the second page of the blog and u will find the week three kits available for everyone) and here is the place u go to vote. u have to register but it is very worth it since all of these women are amazing and so very helpful plus u get free stuff on the site! if u already voted for the week three stuff u cant vote again but otherwise go ahead and vote and dont forget to go here and leave comments on the previews of the kits in the gallery!below are some previews of the freebies available for this week on the blog.i may just be one of the contestants whose kit preview is shown haha. i had to drop out of the SAS-y contest because i figured with starting to set up my first shop and all i really wouldnt have time to give that contest my full attention.

went to the scrapfest 2008 in minneaplois and i actually didnt have very much fun this year. we didnt get to do any classes or crops or anything. we got some good deals in the bargain bin but there was a line out the door at the scrap store archivers so we couldnt go in there. then when i tried to take my nephew down to see the fishies in the underwater aquarium there were so many people that we had to rush through and leave because people were pushing and being rude and stuff. then the cherry on the sucky sunday was that i didnt find a single piece of clothing to buy! i had went with the intention of buying some dress clothes since i dont really have any and i just started teaching sunday school at my church and need to dress up. everything i tried up was way too long or too tight. no matter the size i tried on i just couldnt find anything that was worth buying. i finally got so frustrated that i went to barnes and noble and bought a book then went to the car and read for a few hours while my sister and mom finished shopping. ugh. anyways, its all good cuz i had good news waiting for me in my inbox when i got home haha.

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mITSYBELLE said...

So happy for you, congratulations :)

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