Friday, August 29, 2008

kjoi week 3 up

freebies for u guys! week three is up over at the kjoi blog. so go download all the great freebies and vote for your fave 4 kits. also the gallery has the previews of all the weeks entries that can be commented on, and u guys should because we get points for how many comments we get and stuff like that! below is a few of the kit previews available( mine may just be one of them haha).

new lo using robyn's new kit

here is a lo i made with the new kit by robyn's chic scraps called rough and tough. it is an awesome boy kit! go buy it, her store is on the side of my blog. it is only available at Busyscrappin.

Monday, August 25, 2008

more freebies for ya

ok so besides the kjoi contest i am in a few others and one of them is over at
see this beautiful kit below, its free for u all u gotta do is go register and then go vote and snag all the free kits up. sounds like a good deal to me!

yay freebies!

the previews above are several preview pages of kits in the contest( maybe mine is there???).ok so kara fixed her site, well actually she started a new one just so she had a place to put our downloads haha. this weeks theme and colors were amazing. go pick up all the freebies( i did already haha). the kjoistudios blog then go here to vote and go here to comment on the images in the gallery that are contest related.

uggghhh it wont let me add clickable links for some reason tonight so the addresses are below

the blog where the freebies are:

the place to vote:,5047.0.html

the place to comment on all the stuff in the gallery:

ok and finally as a little thank you, another freebie! enjoy and go vote!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

week 2 add on freebie

well kara is still having some site problems and hasnt been able to get the week 2 entries uploaded for all u guys to snag and vote on so i have made a few add ons with the colors and theme to give u guys now while we wait!


p.s. u get one now and then i will post another one when the voting opens, stay tuned.
here is the link. please leave me some love for reals!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

a minikit freebie

i have applied to be a designer over at and one of the requirments was to make minikit with a certain set of colors and either an everyday theme or bday theme. i did an everyday theme. go register in the forum( its free) and download my cute freebie! two previews but only one zip which includes both the papers and the elements!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a little contest freebie update

ok so kara is having some problems with her server so the uploading of this weeks freebie kits to the kjoi site will be delayed a little bit. i will post a message letting u know when they are available!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

freebies again!!!!

ok so tomorrow this weeks entires to the kjoi designer contest will be up on the site for all u guys to see and grab! below is a little extra i made that goes with the theme this week that u guys can snag right here!this is not at all an image of my particular entry to the contest this week! i just used the contest preview template because i wanted it to go with the stuff on the site. i didnt even have papers this week i had another item to design! i just wanted to clarify that! k so snag the freebie below, go vote for the contest and go grab all the freebies over at

Monday, August 18, 2008

a new freebie coming soon

ok so the judging for week two of the kjoi studio contest starts in a few days. when the judging starts i will post another freebie for all u guys to enjoy! of course u will totally have to go to the kjoi site and download everyone else's kits as well( for free!!!) and vote for your 4 fave designs! well u dont have to but u should cuz it will make us all very happy seeing as how all the designers have worked so hard on this week's entries!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

freebie alert!! (updated)

freebie alert!!!!!! as i have mentioned before i am particpating in the designer contest over at kjoi studios. it runs for 4 weeks and each week we have a new theme and color palette to work with. why do u care u say????? well there are 38 designers and so 38 different freebie kits each week!!!!! i cant tell u which contestant i am but beloew is a pic of just a small sampling of the kits available( my preview page is maybe shown below in with all the rest of the previews, which kara said was ok to say as long as i didnt identify myself or give too big of a hint!) so go get some freebies, leave us some love in the gallery and VOTE( u get to pick 4 designs u like for the week which is awesome). now u do have to register in the shop and the forum to be able to download and leave comments but it is so worth it, all the ladies at the site are amazing plus if u do it now then the next 3 weeks u wont have to worry about it all u have to do is vote and download!

someone from the contest made a blinkie with all the freebies for this week in it for us all to use. so that is below, thanks whoever it was who made the blinkie!

go here to download all the kits

and go here to vote for your 4 faves. voting ends for this theme on august 19th!

now i had some things i made for the contest that i decided i didnt want to use. i was trying to think of what to do with them and then it came to me...... freebies for u! below is the link, leave me some love, go to the site and vote, have a blessed day!

go here to download my contest extra freebie

Monday, August 11, 2008

yay i won a layout challenge at ahhh scrap!

yay i found out today that i won the gold star challenge at ahhh scrap! this is my first ever scrap contest i have won and i am so excited! i used the kit dear diary by robyn's chic scraps. this kit is only available at busyscrappin( link is on the side of my blog over there->). go buy the kit cuz it is super cute and perfect for back to school stuff!

in the next few days i am going to try to get a freebie up of qp's that coordinate with the theme over at kjoi studios week one contest theme. i am loving this contest by the way! tomorrow( august 13th) the contest entries will be available for download( for free!!) at her store. each download counts as a vote for the design as well as things like comments on kit previews and votes in the thread in the forum too! so i cant tell u which entry is mine but there are some amazing designers so go download all the items u like! and vote in the forum for your fave!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

blackberry stains add on 2!

here is the 2nd add on for my 1st kit which is still available for only a buck on the side of my blog. please buy my kit!!!

there is at least 1 more planned add on freebie for this kit( cuz i love the colors!) so stay tuned!
oh 2 more things....... please read my tou for the list of commercial use products i used to create the add ons for this kit and also please leave me some love!

Monday, August 4, 2008

going to be mia for a little bit

where u can go to download and vote for all the entries

hey all,
i have entered a designer contest over at kjoi studios and so for the next few weeks i probably wont be giving away too many freebies but after the contest( which i am praying i win cuz i really want to be a designer in their shop) things will go back to normal i think haha. i can't tell anyone which of the kit items each week is mine and i cant tell what my contestant number is or anything like that so you all will have to go over to the site each week and download the kits u like( for free!) and each download counts as a vote for that kit or item. i will post a notice each week tell you guys when the week's kits are ready for download. this is gonna be a great way to get all kinds of free stuff and show support for new designers so it is a total win win for everybody! there will be a sticky on the side of my blog with the ad shown above and the site address so u can all get the freebies! also dont forget my first ever kit is still available here on the site for a buck! a 47 piece kit for one $1! thats crazy isnt! i am going to place a sticky on the side of my blog today with the buy it now button. dont forget there are currently 2 sampler/add on kits available for free here on my blog( and fyi there are 2 more add-ons to come when i get a chance to upload them!)

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