Tuesday, September 30, 2008

free minikits at busyscrappin

hey all,
i have been super busy trying to get my store set up and stuff but i thought i would give u guys a look at the FREE minikits and cu items you can get designed by me when u participate in some of the challenges over at busyscrappin. you have to register on the 1st at the site and then read all the details about the challenges but below are the previews of the items u get when u complete my challenges.

everyday item challenge freebie:

badge book template challenge: the sketch.template i created is cu!

fave drink challenge:

fave food challenge:

numbers challenge:

animal challenge:

scrap therapy challenge:

scripture/inspirational topic challenge:

cu stock images song lyric:

scraplift challenge:

word art pack needed for the scripture challenge. everyone gets this just visit the forum!

a new kit is almost ready so stay tuned for some freebies soon! check my store out over at busyscrappin.
i design under the name digidesigns by amberbaz.
the forums are here, go check them out tomorrow!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

blackberry stains 3 addon

hey guys,
here is the add on for blackberry stains finally..... sorry it took so long! alsothe ct call is still open to all, i think i am going to extend it a week because i was so busy i didnt have a chance to post any freebies to help "advertise" it. so if the below ad looks good to u and it sounds like something u would be interested in then shoot me an email!

below is the preview of the add on u guys can snag here

below is the preview of my new and improved blackberry stains mega kit. its so big i had to make 3 previews for it! its on sale right now so go snag it! the papers are 2 bucks for 24 unique backgrounds and the frames and elements come together in a pack for 2 bucks also. the file size limits on items for the store is 100mb so i had to break the papers and elements apart to sell seperatly. i havent decided when the sale will end so grab them both as well as the other kits i have up at busyscrappin. on the left side is the list of designers in the store and if u scroll down i am listed under designs by amberbaz. i tried to direct link and it isnt working for some reason.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ct call!

hey all,
since i got accepted to a store i decided it was time to get my own ct so here is the ad:

so if u are interested shoot me an email!

now onto my cranky rant.... i live in southern mn, 45 mins from mayo clinc and despite all my health problems i have intenionally avoided the hospital because of the reputation it has with the locals. i have finally come to a point healthwise where i had no choice but to agree to see a specialist there. so i made my appointment and i am there right now. i have been here since 7:15am ugh. the locals are all right, this is a horrible place to come. the doctors are rude, the place is huge and there are no little maps for u to follow, staff is unhelpful, the place is a total pigsty for reals and after finally getting into the first part of my appointment for the day i found out i could have gone to another hospital closer to me and that i know for a fact has better service. grrrr. i am still waiting for the last part of my appointment of the day and after asking every person i came across finally found out how to connect to the internet( there was a whole stinkin login process and approval etc etc ugh) and the only places that have tables are all the way across the room from where the plug ins are and my battery is almost dead grrrr. anyways long story short i am kinda in a bad mood now and i wanted to get my new freebie loaded for u guys and the connection is so slow it is never gonna happen at this place. tomorrow hopefully!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

new item in the store and its on sale!

***here is the link to the main store page, scroll down and on the left towards the bottom is designs by amberbaz section, click there to get to my store. i am still trying to figure out how to direct link to my section, i thought i had it all figured out but it isnt working for me today***
ok guys i am slowly but surely adding some items to my store. right now there is only one but i plan on getting a few more up today haha. i made a huge mega kit of my blackberry stains items( i have included the kit that was for sale as well as all the add ons in one huge kit) and right now u can get the paper pack for 2 bucks! there are 24 papers in total and i am keeping it on sale for a short time as a sort of welcome "present" to everybody. get it now because soon it is gonna go up to 4 bucks, which frankly i think still is a steal for that many papers. the elements kit will be up shortly and it is huge, like 60+ items so wait for that. below is the kit preview

i am working on an add on to this kit to offer as a freebie for u guys so stay tuned for that too!

Monday, September 15, 2008

a little update for u guys

ok so i got my shop all set up over at busyscrappin, i am so excited for this! i havent yet had a chance to upload any of my kits to the store for purchase yet( i only have dial up at my house so i need to wait til i get to somewhere with a faster connection) and i got the swatch for the trick or treat blog train, this will be my first ever blog train so i am super excited for that too! also i am in the process of creating a new logo/blog header as i have changed my design name to make it shorter and i will be posting a ct call soon so stay tuned for the announcement with all the details! i am going to be designing under the name digidesigns by amberbaz, on the busyscrappin store i am labeled under designs by amber so check me out in a few days when i get everything ready!i am going to still leave the we all have to start somewhere on my blog because it is sorta my little catch phrase i guess.no freebie for u guys today as i have nothing uploaded but tomorrow i will try to add a little something something for u guys!God bless.



the link to my section of the store over at busyscrappin( which is currently empty but soon will have goodies in it)
the link to the store homepage. this is where u can see all the products from all the other awesome designers as well as go to the forum and the gallery

oh and i just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with those being affected by the serious weather issues going on right now!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I GOT INTO A SHOP!!!!!!!!!

hey all,
i am so excited to inform u all that i got accepted into busyscrappin yay yay yay! i found out last night and i am still trying to get all the details and figure out what i need to do to get my part in the store set up and what not but i am just so excited! once i get it all ready im sure i will post a special little bonus for u guys as a thank you for making designing so much fun for me. busyscrappin is where robyn( robyn's chic scraps, who i ct for) sells her stuff so i cant wait to get started over there!
the kjoi studios contest just got back up and running this weekend and u can still go and download all the kits for free as well as vote for your faves. here is the blog where kara is hosting the contest downloads since the store crashed( go to the second page of the blog and u will find the week three kits available for everyone) and here is the place u go to vote. u have to register but it is very worth it since all of these women are amazing and so very helpful plus u get free stuff on the site! if u already voted for the week three stuff u cant vote again but otherwise go ahead and vote and dont forget to go here and leave comments on the previews of the kits in the gallery!below are some previews of the freebies available for this week on the blog.i may just be one of the contestants whose kit preview is shown haha. i had to drop out of the SAS-y contest because i figured with starting to set up my first shop and all i really wouldnt have time to give that contest my full attention.

went to the scrapfest 2008 in minneaplois and i actually didnt have very much fun this year. we didnt get to do any classes or crops or anything. we got some good deals in the bargain bin but there was a line out the door at the scrap store archivers so we couldnt go in there. then when i tried to take my nephew down to see the fishies in the underwater aquarium there were so many people that we had to rush through and leave because people were pushing and being rude and stuff. then the cherry on the sucky sunday was that i didnt find a single piece of clothing to buy! i had went with the intention of buying some dress clothes since i dont really have any and i just started teaching sunday school at my church and need to dress up. everything i tried up was way too long or too tight. no matter the size i tried on i just couldnt find anything that was worth buying. i finally got so frustrated that i went to barnes and noble and bought a book then went to the car and read for a few hours while my sister and mom finished shopping. ugh. anyways, its all good cuz i had good news waiting for me in my inbox when i got home haha.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

army add on

here is the army add on i promised. go over and download the full freebie kit as well as vote for me on stoneaccentsstudio.com

Monday, September 8, 2008

voting is open now!

ok there was a few hours delay in the poll getting up but the SAS-y week one designer contest poll is up now! so if u like my kit go vote for me! here is the place to vote, u gotta register but it takes like 30 seconds so do it haha. i will have a freebie up tomorrow that coordinates with the week one kit so check back!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

SAS-y week one kit available

hey all, here is the link to my week one entry for the sas-y designer search contest. enjoy. please take a minute and register at the site and vote( i would love if u voted for me!!!!!) there are like 40 some odd designers giving away free kits and this week the theme is honor our heroes and i chose to do vintage army theme. the preview doesnt do the kit justice but i tried for hours to get it to look good and this is as good as it is gonna get haha. enjoy.
leave me some love too!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

new freebie kit, For Edward

ok here is the freebie i promised. i was going to post it tomorrow but then i realized it wouldnt be on digifree til saturday then so i decided to do it early! snag this one while u can because it wont be free for long. i originally said i was going to leave it up for a week but i have changed my mind and decided it will be up until september 9th( which is a tuesday. after that i am going to take it down from 4shared and probably try to sell it somewhere. the kjoi site is still having problems so the big bday bash and designer announcements have been delayed which means the blog hop is delayed as well because we cant go giving away our identities before the contest is over haha.
here is the link for my vintage baseball kit called FOR EDWARD


my grandfather died 4 years ago( september 5th 2004) from complications caused by Parkinson's disease. I watched the disease rob him of his freedom, his mobility, his independence, his physical health and ultimatly his life. the baseball images i used are items i scanned from the collection of memorbilia he has left as his legacy ( to my family anways haha). the handwritting featured on the papers as an overlay is a collage of his pages of writings on one of the items he collected besides baseball which is barbed wire. i know that sounds like a weird thing to collect but my grandfather farmed, his father farmed etc etc and also he found some AMAZINGLY beautiful barbed wire! the tou lists the commercial use items i did use but i am trying really hard to use less and less cu items. oh and i know money is tight right now for everybody but if u have some extra money and u like this kit please go donate money to the parkinson's foundation to aid in finding a cure!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

layouts i made using kits by my creative team designers

above was made with the rough and tough kit available at busyscrappin
just look for robyn's chic scraps on the side under designer names

above and below pages were made with the lemony tree kit

ok here are a few new layouts i made. 2 are from the new kit by tripalee designs and 1 is from robyn with her new kit called rough and tough.

Monday, September 1, 2008

contests yay

ok so in less than a week the winners of the kjoi studios designer contest will be announced, i cant believe it has been 4 weeks already! i honestly dont believe i will be picked as one of the designers but i dont care too much. this was my first ever design contest and it was super fun. i learned so much from these amazing women that it was so worth it to participate! on the 7th the new designers will be announced and shortly after the announcement ( i think the same day or the day after) there is going to be a blog hop featuring most of the designers who competed . there are gonna be loads of freebies so u will totally have to check it out. i will post a freebie kit for this blog hop which coordinates with the vintage baseball kit that i am giving away on friday. u should grab that freebie, called For Edward, asap because it will only be up for free until the 12th at which time i will take it down as well as the add on i am making for the kjoi blog hop and most likely offer it for sale somewhere on the web( not sure where yet as i do not have a store.) i am doing this kit for my grandfather who passed away 4 years ago( September 5th 2004 hence the fact it will be offered on sept 5th.) also kjoistudios.com is celebrating their 1 yr bday on the 7th and there is gonna be some awesome stuff happening at the site that day including a bunch of freebies done in the kjoi colors( hint hint i made a little kit for it and i think most of the contestants did as well) so anyways one last thing for today, i am in another contest which just started today. it is over at stone accent studios and week one's theme is honor our heroes. no certain colors but we are supposed to do something to show support for our soldiers and policemen etc etc. i am really excited to see how the kits all turn out. this contest is a little different, i am allowed to design under my name instead of a number and only the top 75 percent move on to the next week's rounds. so u will all have to vote to keep me in! ok i'm off for now but i will be posting my baseball kit on friday for u all so remember to check back!

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