Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ct call!

hey all,
since i got accepted to a store i decided it was time to get my own ct so here is the ad:

so if u are interested shoot me an email!

now onto my cranky rant.... i live in southern mn, 45 mins from mayo clinc and despite all my health problems i have intenionally avoided the hospital because of the reputation it has with the locals. i have finally come to a point healthwise where i had no choice but to agree to see a specialist there. so i made my appointment and i am there right now. i have been here since 7:15am ugh. the locals are all right, this is a horrible place to come. the doctors are rude, the place is huge and there are no little maps for u to follow, staff is unhelpful, the place is a total pigsty for reals and after finally getting into the first part of my appointment for the day i found out i could have gone to another hospital closer to me and that i know for a fact has better service. grrrr. i am still waiting for the last part of my appointment of the day and after asking every person i came across finally found out how to connect to the internet( there was a whole stinkin login process and approval etc etc ugh) and the only places that have tables are all the way across the room from where the plug ins are and my battery is almost dead grrrr. anyways long story short i am kinda in a bad mood now and i wanted to get my new freebie loaded for u guys and the connection is so slow it is never gonna happen at this place. tomorrow hopefully!

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