Monday, September 1, 2008

contests yay

ok so in less than a week the winners of the kjoi studios designer contest will be announced, i cant believe it has been 4 weeks already! i honestly dont believe i will be picked as one of the designers but i dont care too much. this was my first ever design contest and it was super fun. i learned so much from these amazing women that it was so worth it to participate! on the 7th the new designers will be announced and shortly after the announcement ( i think the same day or the day after) there is going to be a blog hop featuring most of the designers who competed . there are gonna be loads of freebies so u will totally have to check it out. i will post a freebie kit for this blog hop which coordinates with the vintage baseball kit that i am giving away on friday. u should grab that freebie, called For Edward, asap because it will only be up for free until the 12th at which time i will take it down as well as the add on i am making for the kjoi blog hop and most likely offer it for sale somewhere on the web( not sure where yet as i do not have a store.) i am doing this kit for my grandfather who passed away 4 years ago( September 5th 2004 hence the fact it will be offered on sept 5th.) also is celebrating their 1 yr bday on the 7th and there is gonna be some awesome stuff happening at the site that day including a bunch of freebies done in the kjoi colors( hint hint i made a little kit for it and i think most of the contestants did as well) so anyways one last thing for today, i am in another contest which just started today. it is over at stone accent studios and week one's theme is honor our heroes. no certain colors but we are supposed to do something to show support for our soldiers and policemen etc etc. i am really excited to see how the kits all turn out. this contest is a little different, i am allowed to design under my name instead of a number and only the top 75 percent move on to the next week's rounds. so u will all have to vote to keep me in! ok i'm off for now but i will be posting my baseball kit on friday for u all so remember to check back!

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