Thursday, May 29, 2008


i think i finally got it guys haha. wow i need to get better at this computer thing haha.

preview with pix finally haha

here is a preview of the train ride nights kit. its still not done but i am almost there haha. so busy right now with my nephew recovering from surgery and my bro getting ready to leave for his perm. base for the army and just trying to get back to normal after vacation. blogger is driving me crazy, i cant get this stupid thing to work half the time haha.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

offline for a few

i am forcing myself to go offline for a few days so i can get some stuff done. i keep getting distracted online and so i am getting no designing done haha. bad amber! i dont know if i can go without internet long haha. i will probably breakdown and connect tomorrow, will power is so not my strong point haha. but i will try to have the new freebie kit done soon. it is almost there i just need to finish a few things. also i have a link i need to post for a QuickPage freebie by one of the designers in the ct i am a part of

also here are a few other sites u all should check out( the other designers in the ct i belong to haha)

ok so now i am off to try to get a few hrs sleep and then scrap my butt off! god bless

train ride nights coming soon

i hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! mine was very busy so i didnt get as much down as i wanted to scrapwise. so it might be a little longer before i can post the new kit, train ride nights.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

train ride nights

i am in the process of finishing up a little kit called train ride nights, inspired by the dark colors i saw while looking out the window on my train ride up to northern minnesota for vacation. i just got home yesterday so it may be a few days before i get a chance to get it done but i am hoping soon i will be able to post it. thanks so much to everyone who leaves me comments, i appreciate them bunches!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i was tagged

i was tagged by michelle but i dont know 7 people on here so i think i am gonna have to wait til i meet more friends haha.

pink elements

her are the pink elements. there arent very many but i have been busy so maybe i will post a 2nd elements kit later this week. here is the preview. enjoy, and leave me some love please!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

pink elements coming

ok so im currently on vacation in northern minnesota visiting old friends from college and i have limited internet access. so i am in the process of making an elements pack to go with the pink paper pack and hopefully soon i will have it up for all of you guys! oh and i was accepted as a member of a creative team for Brittney Ferguson yay! check her site out at
her shops are listed on the side, she has some really amazing stuff so everyone should go buy some!also she started a ct site to showcase all the layouts her ct's make so u can view that here.
im off to try to relax a little, bye bye.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

pink paper pack freebie

here is my newest freebie, a pink paper pack. my tou lists the designers cu overlays that i used either in whole or in part to make the papers. oh and i decided that since i am running out of space already in my 4shared account that once the freebies fall off the first page i will delete the link. so download them while u can haha.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i promise its coming haha

i think tomorrow or friday i will try to post the new paper pack. things have been crazy around here cuz my bro was flown home on leave from the army on like 12 hr notice so none of us were expecting that haha. we had to drive 2 and half hrs each way to the airport to get him and it was a long ride needless to say haha. its coming though, i swear haha.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

new freebie coming soon

i am in the process of finishing up a pack of papers to give away. hopefully it will be ready tomorrow or the next day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

i think i got the army preview to work haha

k here is the army hearts preview

two freebies for you

i cant get it to let me add an updated preview for either one but one set is army related and one set has flowers and stuff. enjoy

here is the link to the army hearts charms i made

and here is the link to the heart charms:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

preview of my next little thing

ok so i have been working on making heart charms with a commercial use product( by crafty accents) that gives u the front and back and then u just fill them up with what u want. i am in love with it haha. so i am going to be giving away like a whole bunch of them once i finish them all. for now i will just give u a preview of the couple ones i have done at the moment.i am planning on filling the whole page with them. oh and i was sad to see that nobody gave me comments on my blog and only 1 person gave me a comment on 4shared but there are lots more people who have downloaded the freebie. im not asking for a book, just a line about why u like it or whatever would be nice.

i guess the preview is gonna have to wait cuz i cant get it to let me upload the page right now haha.
i tried to post a preview again today but it says it is in the wrong format and i dont know how to fix that haha. ill have to play around with it.

**** i think i finally got it!

ugh silly me

ok so i got so excited about finally getting my first kit posted that i forgot to post samples of it so no one really knows what it looks like haha. ok so here are a few sample pages i made with it. there is tons of stuff in this kit i just forgot to make a general preview page so i guess its sorta like a grab bag too haha.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

i think i got it.
that didnt work but im gonna try to fix it. sorry

the first kit

ok so it is finally here haha. my first attempt at a kit. no overlays or cu items were used in this kit i did use the stuff in paint shop pro to help though haha, everything was made from pictures i have taken. please be nice and leave me some comments. also please dont steal my stuff. everything i make is for personal use only. thanks. oh also if u make layouts with my stuff can u send me it just cuz i am interested to see how everyone uses it, if anyone actually does use my stuff haha. and by the way i tried really hard on this kit, it may look crappy but i did my best. ok the only thing is that i am trying right now to figure out how to upload my file here haha, gosh im such a dork. i hope i do this right haha

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