Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busyscrappin Blog train. trick or treat!

i think i amy just get this up in time for digifree, ugh i am so behind haha.

hey all,

i am very blessed to be a part of the busyscrappin designers team and today in celebration of halloween we are doing a blog train. i dont myself get very into halloween due to the not so good side of it( based on my christian beliefs) but i will admit i greatly enjoy dressing my nephew thomas up and take advantage of any chance to do so without getting weird looks from the neighbors haha. so here is my little freebie, it is more fall inspired instead of halloween related. all the kits these ladies have made are just adorable and i look forward to getting a chance to play around with them all after i get done taking pix of my nephew! the list is below, leave some love to all my girls along the way.

help i cant get my list to work! below is the address to on of the other ladies in the train and until i get this worked out u will need to go to her site and then to get the list from there. sorry, im working on fixing it right now.

Friday, October 24, 2008


this is how i scrap at night because my baby wont let me be!
hello all,
this post is not at all scrap related but my kitty is cute so get over it haha.besides i most of my pages i scrap are either my nephew thomas or my cat so i figured it was ok haha.2 years ago today i rode out to a farm with my sister and picked up my little furbaby. i am not one of those party-throwing cake-getting cat owners( not that there is anything wrong with that) but i decided that since i have soooooooo many pix of my baby i would post some of my fave here now. before i post my pix i just wanted to write a little blurb about my kitty. 1st off my whole life i have been a cat person but we could never have one because myself and my bro are allergic plus we had a dog who was not pro-cat. we moved into the country 3 years ago and once my family got out here we realized( when i say we i really mean my mom haha) that we needed a mouser. after waiting forever to get a cat i took advantage of my mother's hatred for mice and bugged the crap out of her til she said ok we can look for a cat. the same day she said we could "look" for a cat i had one because i grabbed the paper and called every single number that had ads for free kittens. being so late in the year it was hard to find many that were small and by the time i had called the people all their kittens were gone. the last family i called said they had 3 or 4 and to come get whatever ones i wanted. we drove in and were greeted by a circus of animals in the driveway. after we knocked 2 little girls came out to help us find the kittens, Gus was the first one we managed to catch and like 2 mins after we caught him i called my mom and told her i was bringing him home haha. i didnt even look at the other kittens! they said he was 6 weeks old but he looked like at least 12 weeks. i didnt care though. my mom wanted to name him pumpkin or morris since he is orange but i decided right away on Gus-Gus after the fat mouse in cinderella. he can be quite the little pisshead but i loves him! below are all the photos, enjoy.
p.s. we are still allergic to cats but Gus doesnt make either of us sneeze which is very weird!

after his 1st bath

he hates to not be the center of attention

he got his head in there all by himself

stick em up

awwww. this was before he got crazy and the attitude started to come out haha.

Gus always has his arms around something when he sleeps, the chair he is sleeping in is the one i keep my stuffed animals in haha.

his first big snow, he wanted to go out really bad but was soooo mad after i shut the door!

again with the arm around something, this one i admit i changed from my books to the pen cuz i thought the pen was cuter. he didnt even wake up when i moved the books haha

yep, he ate my scrapbooking stickers one day while i was trying to get some pages done

i think cuz they were foam they smelled weird so he liked them.

he likes to get in the way when i am trying to do something so that i have to pay attention to him

he wears my nephew's clothes well haha

after he got neutered. we had to put the collar on cuz he was licking too much and he was very mad at me!

i am always putting things on him while he sleeps


he likes to sleep on things i use so i often find him inside my backpacks and my clothes i have worn and my computer bag haha

my nephew and i catch caterpillars and gus was trying to get them out of the jar to play with them( dont worry he didnt hurt any of them, in fact they are in cocoons in a jar in my house!)

my dad told us he got in there by himself but we all know better haha

look how made he is haha. he doesnt like the flash

Thursday, October 23, 2008


ok so first off i have been trying for like 20 mins to get into my blog to write a post and i kept getting security errors saying my address was not approved to access my blog which is silly cuz this is the address i always use to get into my blog haha. so i am going to go and try to change my passwords and what not but i wanted to get a note out in case i have been hacked haha.
ok and now on to the award!so i have been very blessed to have been a part of the KJOI Studios designer contest. even if i hadnt been accepted into the store i would still cherish the experiences i have had there. all the ladies are amazing and so very helpful which is great for me because i am very new at designing and have A LOT to learn! one of these very helpful and amazing women mITSYBELLE gave me the i love your blog award.
it made my day hun! i am not sure how many people i am to pass this on to but she chose 3 so i will pick 3 as well.

Designed By K
when i first started designing way backwhen( april/may 2008haha) her awesome cu freebie products were some of my fave things to play around with. i check her blog everyday and i am so thankful to be selling in the same store as her( busyscrappin.)
Delicious Scraps
I love use her cu stuff in almost every kit, she is such an amazingly generous designer and i check her blog everyday!I dont know her personally and in fact have never had a convo with her at all but i just really love her blog so much! oh and she taught me( through a post on her blog) that i can open psd files in Paint shop which is so cool!
The Scrappin Cop
again another lady i dont know but i visit her blog daily and i use her cu stuff in almost every kit i make! she is such a talented lady and i love that she is so giving to all us beginner designers.

there are like a billion blogs i could add to that list but i will stop myself at 3. i promise there will be a freebie for u guys soon, i have just been so darn busy trying to get my new store set up and my freebie kits done for the challenges i am hosting at busyscrappin for november. there are gonna be some great challenges, there is one in particular i am very excited for. i havent seen any challenge quite like it( although it may be out there and i havent seen it haha.) so when it gets to the 1st i will clue u all in and u guys can head over to busyscrappin and get all the freebies for doing the challenges! ok im gonna go cuz my stinkin dial up is being silly.God Bless!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kjoi Designer Contest Blog Hop

ok so after all this secrecy i can now say i am contestant 21879D aka Pinkie. The above is a preview of all my entries into the contest as well as my avies i had to use.

Hey all,
The contest is finally over and surprise........ I MADE THE TEAM!!!!!! I am so very excited. here is my little freebie for u guys, its an add on to my newest kit coming soon. enjoy.

also i was given this awesome award last week by scrap stew sue and havent had a chance to mention it or pass it on. soon i will haha. but i wanted to say thank u to sue and ya'll better watch your comments cuz i will be passing this award on soon!

here is the list of ladies from the contest. they all have freebies just for this occassion so go and grab them. now have patience please if some of the ladies dont have their blogs ready please chck back again later, we had some trouble getting the timing right since there are so many different time zones to keep track of.

21206D-Lizard Dau Designs


21879D-Digidesigns By Amberbaz
u are here!

22181A-April Dawn Creations

22342B-Camillas Kitchen



22896B-Lori Imel

23494D-Cancer Moon Creations

24301D-KatLen Kreations

24588B-Belanna At Odds

24789C-SandEz Creationz

24864A-ducky Panda Bear Designs

23075D Stacey Crossley Designs

Alisha happy feet tripalee designs

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

new kit in the store, Hooah!

ok here is my newest kit in the store. it is a revamped and improved version of the week one sas kit i entered for their designer contest. i have received so much interest in this kit i decided to put it in my store asap! enjoy,
p.s. happy bday to my brother mark, this is his second bday away from home due to his service in the army.

here is a little freebie for u guys, a sampler for the kit.

u can get it here.

i have a new ct person yay! her name is Laura and she is also a designer over at busyscrappin. her blog is listed over on the right side of my blog under her name, links to her galleries to come soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

ugh kidney stones

hey all,
a week ago tomorrow i went to the emergency room because i was in severe pain. they sent me home with some pain meds and said they suspected kidney stones. the next morning i had to go back in because i was unable to hold down the pain meds they gave me so i was still in a lot of pain. after a bunch of problems and 3 hours of my life wasted they gave antinausea meds and new pain meds and sent me on my way. it is now friday and i still havent passed the stones ugh. i went to my family dr who says i am still peeing blood which means i must not be drinking enough fluids so i am sitting here with a gallon jug of ice water trying my best to wash these little buggers away. the meds i am on make me very sleepy so i havent gotten a whole lot of anything done but i promise i am gonna start handing out the freebies once i pass these stones. in the mean time head over to my store at busy scrappin( link on the side of my blog) and look at all the awesome kits available. plus we have like 18 challenges for u guys in the forums and most of them have freebies attached! God Bless,amb

Friday, October 3, 2008

ct call, again!

ok guys i thought i would do this one more time. i think i am pretty easy to work with haha. check the challenges out at busyscrappin, like 16 kits u get for free if u do all the challenges this month!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new kit in the store!

here is a look at my new kit in the busy scrappin store called funky flavor. i am loving the colors!

here is a little sampler/add on i made for all u guys. enjoy, show some love and go check the store out!

p.s. dont forget to check out all the challenges at busyscrappin!

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