Monday, December 29, 2008

so blessed!

man i am so stinkin blessed, i got this amazing tablet for christmas from my parents which i am having so much fun playing with and a new printer which i havent had time to even take out of the box haha. i also got a new digi cam from my sister but it was a serious problem..... she got it for me on black friday from walmart ( samsung BL103walmart exclusive 10.2 mp camera) and it looked so cool and i was so happy and then i tried using it haha. none of my pictures would shoot clear, no matter what setting used or with the tripod etc etc and so i googled it last night to see if maybe i was doing something wrong. turns out this model is crap and everyone has been having problems with it because although it says 10.2mp it really is only about the quality of a 3mp. i was really upset because i didnt want to hurt my sister's feelings but i knew it would need to be taken back. i was scared about taking it back because i read all the other peoples' comments saying walmart refused to give refunds on this product and i didnt really know what to do about it. i also checked and they didnt have ANY cameras in the same price range and so i figured it would mean no new camera( which didnt bother me too bad because my current cam still works so a newbie wasnt a need but just a big want.)
so i called my sis last night and explained the situation and she called walmart this morning. after talking to a few different managers they finally agreed to give her a gift card with the camera purchase price on it. i didnt even want to go look at cameras there to find a replacement because there were none in her price range but she made me. we found a really nice one( 8mp canon powershot A590IS) and after a little grumbling on my part she decided to get it. only problem was that turns out of all the cameras we looked at the one we actually picked was out of stock haha. so we had to go to a walmart 30 mins away to pick one up which wasnt too big a deal because we had to go to that walmart to get our family portrait taken anyways.
this camera is amazing! back when i shot 35mm i had a canon rebel g( slr) and even though i loved the quality of those pictures i made the leap to digital and sold the rebel. this canon we got today is as close to a dslr as one can imagine and i am completely in shock at how amazing it is! i keep telling everyone, " hey i took a picture of my pants!" cuz the macro is so good that it took quality pix of my jeans while i was wearing them! now all i need is for it to be spring so i can take pictures of the pretty flowers! my sister and bro-in-law rock and i cant even begin to explain how happy i am right now. we dont spend that kinda money on each other for gifts because we are all pretty strapped for cash and i cant express how much it means to me that they bought me this awesome present! now they both say its no big deal cuz i take care of my nephew for them when they need and i keep trying to explain to everyone that duh it is my job as an auntie to watch my nephew but i guess they dont see it the same way haha. oooooooh and i am gonna start doing some commercial use stuff so be watching for that!
God Bless, amb

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