Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas!!! here's another freebie

again merry christmas to u all! here is a little quickpage freebie i made using my inked kit. All my stuff is still on sale so go stock up!

i forgot to make a preview for this page so for now here is the link and tomorrow i will post a preview haha.

ok now onto my little blurb about how awesome my family is:

i just wanted to take a minute to talk about how amazingly blessed i am. my family is poor, not starving poor but paycheck to paycheck living poor. my parents have always tried to make christmas special in an effort to make up for all the other times they cant buy us what we want and this year was hella crazy! my brother is deploying to afghanistan in march and we have been planning for a long time to save up to be able to buy him a laptop. we got a good deal on a dell during the thanksgiving sales and i assumed that having had to spend that large a chunk of money my family wouldnt be able to get a whole lot for everyone else. which didnt matter at all, in fact my sister and i told my mother getting the laptop was most important and if that meant she had to spend less on us that was no problem at all. so this morning while opening presents i was completely floored by what i got to unwrap!
i got new clothes ( which i am so happy for cuz i have lost so much weight my clothes dont fit anymore) and some books i have been dying to get for years but then i unwrapped the big stuff and the tears started to flow haha. my parents got me a bamboo tablet( which came with adobe elements 6 yay) and i was completely shocked because it is way out of their budget. then i started opening the stuff my sis and bro-in-law gave me and it was just too much haha. i am now the proud owner of a 10.2 MP samsung and a wireless lexmark printer! i cant believe how blessed i am, and not just cuz i got some really cool gifts but also cuz i got to have some really amazingly fun times with my family.
we always try to make a special effort at holidays to get quality time in but this year was different for 2 very big reasons. 1) this will be our last holiday with my brother before he deploys and 2) a few months ago there was a huge drama with some of my extended family and since then we have ceased to have contact with that side of the family and because of this they were not at our christmas celebration this year. now to some of you this may sound like a bad thing but it is the first time in 12 years we have been able to have a tension-free holiday and it was just awesome. we have sorta had to ignore the crazy and dramafilled behavior of those people for the past 12 years and it has resulted in my entire family dreading and hating holiday events. it is very exhausting having to pretend that a crazy person is in the room haha. and i dont just mean crazy cuz i dont like her but straight-up belongs in a psych ward crazy!since that part of the family decided to go extra special crazy and make my side of the family the enemy we have stopped communicating with them all together. so our christmas eve dinner and our christmas day events were so much fun, for the 1st time in 12 years we could actually have a family event we all enjoyed and will treasure for years to come! i didnt need to be afraid to go to a room by myself or pretend like i didnt just see what i just saw etc etc. i forgot how much fun my family is when we dont have to cover up for the crazy. i have wrote many a blog about this situation before and either never posted it or deleted it shortly after i posted it just cuz i hate being invloved with the drama and when it is all over it doesnt really matter if EVERYONE knows she is crazy, my family knows and in fact we laugh about her blogs about her fake little life that she describes in great detail( details that are completely fabricated which blows our mind because we see her talking about something about her "life" on her blog and since we know her we know she is lying) and laughing about it helps us deal with it. when life hands you a problem you arent sure how to handle the best thing to do is 1) pray and 2) laugh your ass off about it haha!

anyways, God Bless Ya'll and be watching my blog cuz as soon as i figure out how to use all these cool things i just got i am gonna be designing up a storm!


Digi Free said...

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Jody said...

May you hav e many more Christmas' just like this one. It is not pleasant when one family member destroys the peace of everyone. Blessings to all of you.

Jody said...

May you hav e many more Christmas' just like this one. It is not pleasant when one family member destroys the peace of everyone. Blessings to all of you.

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