Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wacky Wednesday at Busyscrappin

hey all, head over to busyscrappin and take advantage of the wacky wednesday sale. everything in the store is a dollar! not just stuff in my store, everything in the entire site is a buck! how sweet is that! thats personal use kits as well as some cu items too. since i have been busy getting the challenges up for the month over at busyscrappin and babysitting for my nephew and going to the dr i havent really had time to upload some new freebies for all u guys. so i thought i would post a freebie from way back in the day that i have been getting a lot of nice comments on.i am reposting my cross embellishment pack that i originally posted way back in june. its one of the 1st things i ever made to give away and i love it. i am currently working a new cross
embellishment pack which is gonna be bigger and better than this one so stay tuned! for those of u guys not interested in the cross pack i am also including a link to a little minikit i made for a designer search contest a while back. enjoy, and go pick up a bunch of stuff over at busyscrappin. the links to the store are on the right side of my blog-----> also check out the challenges over at busyscrappin, i am hosting like 10ish i think and there are like 16 total most with freebies included just for participating. plus for every challenge you complete u get a point and if u do all the challenges for a month u get a month free of the store's commercial use membership!
cross embellishment pack

bday minikit

snag them both soon cuz i am planning on deleting them from my 4shared file on november 11th!

Now onto now scraprelated issues:
As i have mentioned a lot before, i have lyme disease and have been in and out of dr's offices for the past 2 and half years trying to find a treatment that works. today i went in for my monthly visit to touch base with my dr and we discussed a lot of stuff. she just got back from the big lyme confrence and came home armed with a whole host of new info. so we are gonna try a bunch of new stuff. a new antibiotic to go along with the 2 i am currently on and 3 other meds to help with various other issues arising from my lymes. it was such a long day! first off i got up at 5:30 to get ready before my nephew got here. then dr at 830am. tb test and then ekg at around 10am then 65 cc's of blood drawn( thats a lot of stinkin blood!) then my iv meds and then more lab work. i didnt get out of the hospital til 1pm. i ran quick and got some food, went to vote and then headed home to try to get my nephew down for a nap. i am so tired right now. i have so much to do but i think i am heading to bed soon instead.i was hoping to have my christmas kit finished and in the stores by today but it just isnt gonna happen. soon though haha.

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