Sunday, November 23, 2008

an award!

* i have been trying for forever tonight to get comments posted on people's blogs but they keep not loading so i am assuming something is wrong with my internet i hate dial up!*

hey all,
my darling friend robyn has given me the treasured friend award!

i have been so blessed to be able to work with her kits and she has been so helpful in my process of learning to design. thanks hun! ok so now comes the time to pass it on, there isnt a number specified so i will just pick a handful.

Liz aka cheeky monkey:
you have been so awesome to work with and really helped me make it through the kjoi contest with your amazing attitude! i loves ya darling!

Sue aka Scrap Wiz:
u have been so helpful over at busyscrappin and i just love to read your responses to posts in the yahoo group!

Kathy aka Designed By K
u have been, along with all the ladies over at busyscrappin, so awesome to work with. plus i love your products and i feel privileged to be selling in the same store as you!

Jody aka Munchkyn Scraps:
u are so giving! plus i am so very thankful that u filled my request and made me some cu cross flairs, u rock!

ok now that i got that out the way, i promise a freebie is coming! i have a few done that just need to be loaded to 4shared and posted here so stay tuned. i am sorry i have been so unplugged recently but my health is still bad and i have now had family issues thrown on top of the whole mess so ugh. i am still pushing my way through, hopefully soon i will be back to normal( well whatever normal is for me haha)

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