Friday, October 10, 2008

ugh kidney stones

hey all,
a week ago tomorrow i went to the emergency room because i was in severe pain. they sent me home with some pain meds and said they suspected kidney stones. the next morning i had to go back in because i was unable to hold down the pain meds they gave me so i was still in a lot of pain. after a bunch of problems and 3 hours of my life wasted they gave antinausea meds and new pain meds and sent me on my way. it is now friday and i still havent passed the stones ugh. i went to my family dr who says i am still peeing blood which means i must not be drinking enough fluids so i am sitting here with a gallon jug of ice water trying my best to wash these little buggers away. the meds i am on make me very sleepy so i havent gotten a whole lot of anything done but i promise i am gonna start handing out the freebies once i pass these stones. in the mean time head over to my store at busy scrappin( link on the side of my blog) and look at all the awesome kits available. plus we have like 18 challenges for u guys in the forums and most of them have freebies attached! God Bless,amb

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Leaonna said...

poor thing im so sorry your having trouble....I hope those things move on so you can get a little relief...I have an award for you on my blog whenever you get a chance to come pick it up...

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