Thursday, October 23, 2008


ok so first off i have been trying for like 20 mins to get into my blog to write a post and i kept getting security errors saying my address was not approved to access my blog which is silly cuz this is the address i always use to get into my blog haha. so i am going to go and try to change my passwords and what not but i wanted to get a note out in case i have been hacked haha.
ok and now on to the award!so i have been very blessed to have been a part of the KJOI Studios designer contest. even if i hadnt been accepted into the store i would still cherish the experiences i have had there. all the ladies are amazing and so very helpful which is great for me because i am very new at designing and have A LOT to learn! one of these very helpful and amazing women mITSYBELLE gave me the i love your blog award.
it made my day hun! i am not sure how many people i am to pass this on to but she chose 3 so i will pick 3 as well.

Designed By K
when i first started designing way backwhen( april/may 2008haha) her awesome cu freebie products were some of my fave things to play around with. i check her blog everyday and i am so thankful to be selling in the same store as her( busyscrappin.)
Delicious Scraps
I love use her cu stuff in almost every kit, she is such an amazingly generous designer and i check her blog everyday!I dont know her personally and in fact have never had a convo with her at all but i just really love her blog so much! oh and she taught me( through a post on her blog) that i can open psd files in Paint shop which is so cool!
The Scrappin Cop
again another lady i dont know but i visit her blog daily and i use her cu stuff in almost every kit i make! she is such a talented lady and i love that she is so giving to all us beginner designers.

there are like a billion blogs i could add to that list but i will stop myself at 3. i promise there will be a freebie for u guys soon, i have just been so darn busy trying to get my new store set up and my freebie kits done for the challenges i am hosting at busyscrappin for november. there are gonna be some great challenges, there is one in particular i am very excited for. i havent seen any challenge quite like it( although it may be out there and i havent seen it haha.) so when it gets to the 1st i will clue u all in and u guys can head over to busyscrappin and get all the freebies for doing the challenges! ok im gonna go cuz my stinkin dial up is being silly.God Bless!


Designed by K said...

aww Amber that was the sweetest thing I've read in sooooo long! TYSVM hun, I'm sorry I didnt post about it tonight but I didnt see your comment til afterwards. I will make a note of it on my next blog know I didn't realize that YOU were the Amber in the store, I was like OH! made my day hun..if you ever need ANYTHING don't hesitate to ask..xoxo K

DeliciousScraps said...

Thanks so much for the award!!! I am glad you like my designs and use my cu items!! Love your blog!! =)

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