Friday, October 24, 2008


this is how i scrap at night because my baby wont let me be!
hello all,
this post is not at all scrap related but my kitty is cute so get over it haha.besides i most of my pages i scrap are either my nephew thomas or my cat so i figured it was ok haha.2 years ago today i rode out to a farm with my sister and picked up my little furbaby. i am not one of those party-throwing cake-getting cat owners( not that there is anything wrong with that) but i decided that since i have soooooooo many pix of my baby i would post some of my fave here now. before i post my pix i just wanted to write a little blurb about my kitty. 1st off my whole life i have been a cat person but we could never have one because myself and my bro are allergic plus we had a dog who was not pro-cat. we moved into the country 3 years ago and once my family got out here we realized( when i say we i really mean my mom haha) that we needed a mouser. after waiting forever to get a cat i took advantage of my mother's hatred for mice and bugged the crap out of her til she said ok we can look for a cat. the same day she said we could "look" for a cat i had one because i grabbed the paper and called every single number that had ads for free kittens. being so late in the year it was hard to find many that were small and by the time i had called the people all their kittens were gone. the last family i called said they had 3 or 4 and to come get whatever ones i wanted. we drove in and were greeted by a circus of animals in the driveway. after we knocked 2 little girls came out to help us find the kittens, Gus was the first one we managed to catch and like 2 mins after we caught him i called my mom and told her i was bringing him home haha. i didnt even look at the other kittens! they said he was 6 weeks old but he looked like at least 12 weeks. i didnt care though. my mom wanted to name him pumpkin or morris since he is orange but i decided right away on Gus-Gus after the fat mouse in cinderella. he can be quite the little pisshead but i loves him! below are all the photos, enjoy.
p.s. we are still allergic to cats but Gus doesnt make either of us sneeze which is very weird!

after his 1st bath

he hates to not be the center of attention

he got his head in there all by himself

stick em up

awwww. this was before he got crazy and the attitude started to come out haha.

Gus always has his arms around something when he sleeps, the chair he is sleeping in is the one i keep my stuffed animals in haha.

his first big snow, he wanted to go out really bad but was soooo mad after i shut the door!

again with the arm around something, this one i admit i changed from my books to the pen cuz i thought the pen was cuter. he didnt even wake up when i moved the books haha

yep, he ate my scrapbooking stickers one day while i was trying to get some pages done

i think cuz they were foam they smelled weird so he liked them.

he likes to get in the way when i am trying to do something so that i have to pay attention to him

he wears my nephew's clothes well haha

after he got neutered. we had to put the collar on cuz he was licking too much and he was very mad at me!

i am always putting things on him while he sleeps


he likes to sleep on things i use so i often find him inside my backpacks and my clothes i have worn and my computer bag haha

my nephew and i catch caterpillars and gus was trying to get them out of the jar to play with them( dont worry he didnt hurt any of them, in fact they are in cocoons in a jar in my house!)

my dad told us he got in there by himself but we all know better haha

look how made he is haha. he doesnt like the flash

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cookgirl said...

I love your red cat ... I have almost the same !

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