Wednesday, May 7, 2008

preview of my next little thing

ok so i have been working on making heart charms with a commercial use product( by crafty accents) that gives u the front and back and then u just fill them up with what u want. i am in love with it haha. so i am going to be giving away like a whole bunch of them once i finish them all. for now i will just give u a preview of the couple ones i have done at the moment.i am planning on filling the whole page with them. oh and i was sad to see that nobody gave me comments on my blog and only 1 person gave me a comment on 4shared but there are lots more people who have downloaded the freebie. im not asking for a book, just a line about why u like it or whatever would be nice.

i guess the preview is gonna have to wait cuz i cant get it to let me upload the page right now haha.
i tried to post a preview again today but it says it is in the wrong format and i dont know how to fix that haha. ill have to play around with it.

**** i think i finally got it!

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