Monday, August 4, 2008

going to be mia for a little bit

where u can go to download and vote for all the entries

hey all,
i have entered a designer contest over at kjoi studios and so for the next few weeks i probably wont be giving away too many freebies but after the contest( which i am praying i win cuz i really want to be a designer in their shop) things will go back to normal i think haha. i can't tell anyone which of the kit items each week is mine and i cant tell what my contestant number is or anything like that so you all will have to go over to the site each week and download the kits u like( for free!) and each download counts as a vote for that kit or item. i will post a notice each week tell you guys when the week's kits are ready for download. this is gonna be a great way to get all kinds of free stuff and show support for new designers so it is a total win win for everybody! there will be a sticky on the side of my blog with the ad shown above and the site address so u can all get the freebies! also dont forget my first ever kit is still available here on the site for a buck! a 47 piece kit for one $1! thats crazy isnt! i am going to place a sticky on the side of my blog today with the buy it now button. dont forget there are currently 2 sampler/add on kits available for free here on my blog( and fyi there are 2 more add-ons to come when i get a chance to upload them!)

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